Our Approach

About Us

Homoeopathic Medical Centre has been in the forefront of Homoeopathy for more than twenty five years now. Our team of Doctors have not only been treating patients but also taking out time to train doctors in understanding and applying the concepts of Homoeopathy.  

We are based in Lucknow, India, however aim to provide our services through our online clinic for those who cannot come to us in person.

Our Story

Our Experience

Over the years the Doctors at our centre have gained great experience in treating a variety of diseases.  We have developed an approach of treating diseases that enables us to treat most diseases in a successful way.  Some common diseases for which Homoeopathy is quite successful include:

  • Diseases of children, including respiratory diseases, digestive disorders of children, infections, fevers, tonsillitis, recurrent colds, lack of concentration, ADHD and some cases of autism. etc
  • Diseases of skin
  • GIT troubles including constipation, diarrhea, colitis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, acidity and heartburn, piles and fissures, hepatitis, liver disorders etc.
  • Respiratory allergies, bronchitis, rhinitis, sinusitis etc.
  • Female disorders including menstrual disorders, cysts, some cases of fibroid, few cases of PCOD, cases of infertility etc
  • Diseases of joints such as arthritis, gout, spondylosis, spondylitis, aches and pains etc.
  • Migraine, headache etc.
  • Diseases of urinary system, renal stones, etc.

Meet the Team

Dr Elham Mohajer

Founder - DHMS, Gr. BHMS

Dr. Elham Mohajer is the founder of the clinic.  Dr. Elham got his education from Chandigarh and as a student he was trained by Dr. Castro who was one of the most famous classical Homeopaths of his time. At that time he was also the Honorary Physician to the President of India.  After treating thousands of patients, Dr. Elham developed a system that enables a Homoeopath to quickly find the indicated remedy and now hundreds of Doctors are using his method of prescribing.

Dr. Aman Mohajer


Dr. Sameer Mohajer