Online Consultations

HMC now offers its clinical services through online consultations to allow patients worldwide, from all walks of life, to seek professional advice from our homeopathic doctors.

Walk-in Consultations

We offer face-to-face consultations across two of our clinics. Our policy is to allow patients to walk-in and see a professional homeopathic doctor at any time, instead of having to pre-book appointments.

Training Courses

Our professional staff also provide 15-day training courses for those who have studied Homeopathy and wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of concepts and be able to prescribe successfully.

Since 1993

About Homeopathy

According to the World Health Organisation, Homeopathy is the fastest-growing and the second-most widely-used system of medicine in the world.

Homeopathy uses minute doses of medicine to activate the body’s immune system to take care of its own health. Its gentle medicines are capable of treating most commonly occurring diseases without producing any side-effects. It treats each person uniquely, taking into account all aspects of each individual to stimulate their own healing ability.

Unlike other forms of medicine, Homeopathic medicine is used to target and alleviate all symptoms that may be present in a person at all levels of being to improve their general well-being as well as treating conditions.